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State of Texas required Pre-Service Training

Pre-service training will cover the following areas:

(1) Developmental stages of children;

 (2) Age-appropriate activities for children;

 (3) Positive guidance and discipline of children;

 (4) Fostering children’s self-esteem;

 (5) Supervision and safety practices in the care of children;

 (6) Positive interaction with children; and

 (7) Preventing and controlling the spread of communicable diseases, including


 If a caregiver provides care for children younger than 24 months of age, one hour of that

caregiver’s pre-service training must cover the following topics:

(1) Recognizing and preventing shaken baby syndrome and abusive head trauma;

(2) Understanding and using safe sleep practices and preventing sudden infant death

syndrome (SIDS); and

(3) Understanding early childhood brain development.

Pre-Service is offered weekly from 8am - 2pm

Cost $25 for 8 hours of Pre-service

$55 for 24 hours of Pre-service